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A year ago, the goal to solve the perennial problem of unemployment and to empower young entrepreneurs in Ghana was just an idea for Aurelia Abena Attipoe.

But fast forward today, her idea, The Pitch Hub has now trained over 320 young entrepreneurs and has partnered with several companies and organizations in Ghana.

The Pitch hub is an organization that aims at equipping young entrepreneurs in Ghana with soft skills that are needed to build and sustain competitive business in the 21st century.

Aside from her determination and passion to help her country, the support from Youth Time International Movement made her brainchild even more possible.

Ms. Attipoe emerged as the overall winner over the other 13 project presenters at the 3rd annual Youth Global Forum in Dubai, United Arab Emirates organized by the Youth Time International Movement.

Youth Time International Movement is an international oriented non-profit, non-political organization which actively represents a platform of dialogue between cultures and generations. They inspire and engage young people from all over the world, by encouraging them to develop their social leadership skills as well as to take upon their civil responsibility.

Young entrepreneur speaking in front of her fellow entrepreneurs

EMPOWERED. Aurelia Attipoe, the founder of The Pitch Hub, presented the progress report of her project at the Youth Global Forum in Paris, France after winning the last year’s idea grant.

Her winning idea

Her idea was born when she volunteered in TKC Africa, an organization in Ghana that trains big-time entrepreneurs and provides business consulting.

“The idea was to do a similar training for young entrepreneurs in order to help them start their business rather than they wait to get employed. I then applied as a project presenter at the Youth Global Forum in Dubai to share the concept. It was just an idea. After I won last year, I started the implementation of the idea.” Aurelia shared after presenting the progress of her project at the 4th Annual Youth Global Forum in Paris, France on December 4.

Managing the business

Aurelia’s journey to turn her idea into a business wasn’t smooth sailing.

“It was tough. But as I said, you need a strong team and you also need to partner with other organizations. If you want to do it on your own, it will be tough. That’s why we collaborated with different organizations to make it happen,” she continued.

Ms. Attipoe and her team were able to raise 10,000 USD in partnership with other organizations to support entrepreneurs in Ghana. “It (the fund) wasn’t enough, but it was a great help to start the project particularly when you look at Ghana where it’s difficult to get funding,” she said.

“In Ghana, sometimes you need 500 USD – 1000 USD to start a small business and that money could potentially change the life of a family or an individual,” she explained.

With that, the Pitch Hub has been providing small amount of capital for entrepreneurs looking for funds to start their business. Some of these entrepreneurs are into technology, agriculture, arts and culture, and fashion just to mention a few.

“You know all these (entrepreneurs) work hard so much. At least if they have something (capital) to start with, they can start making revenue, which will keep them in business.”

Aside from providing seed capital, they also train entrepreneurs on how to build a sustainable business and how they can thrive as a business owner.

After presenting her progress report at this year’s Youth Global Forum, Aurelia got individuals and investors who pledged to continue to support The Pitch Hub and the businesses that they train for 2019.

Young entrepreneur showcasing her product

ALL SMILES. Ms. Attipoe showcasing one of the products from an entrepreneur who received training from The Pitch Hub

Lesson turning the idea into reality

“Don’t be afraid to dream,” Ms. Attipoe answered when asked about her greatest learning from turning her idea into a full-blown business in just a year.

“Just dream and work hard towards it,” she added.