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Welcome to Her Amazing Stories

Big thanks for visiting! You just don’t know how it means to us. We hope it won’t be the last!

Through this blog, we’re celebrating the stories of amazing women

Thriving in their chosen path

Showcasing entrepreneurs, students, teachers, travelers, executives, housewives,

writers, filmmakers, public servants, digital nomads, and among others.

Her Amazing Stories acknowledges the unique stories of each woman

Thus, the blog is born to be a platform that uplifts and empowers women

Through featuring stories of women,

We hope to create a movement of women championing their chosen field.


About the founder

With a journalism degree, Amae has been passionate about writing stories covering women and youth empowerment, entrepreneurship, and travel. She’d spoken to countless people with different backgrounds – entrepreneurs, executives, CEOs, farmers, students, public officials – learning about their experience and stories. 

She has a thirst for adventure – be it in hiking, diving, or going to the off-the-beaten-path – you can count her in!

You can invite her over books and milk tea! If you’re a fan of Paulo Coelho, Mitch Albom, Napoleon Hill, Tim Ferris, John Maxwell, John Bevere, Robert Kiyosaki, and the likes, then you can easily jive in with her!

She loves small talk and loves to listen to stories of people. 

In this blog, she aims to tell the stories of women, hoping that you can learn something from their amazing stories. 

How she started writing

She started blogging in 2012 – she’s 16 at that time. It was just out of fun for her to express her thoughts about life. 

Along the way, one of her articles made a huge impact to her loyal reader who would have committed a suicide if she did not come across with the article.

It was her turning point.

From then on, she continued writing. Though she has to admit that it wasn’t smooth sailing at all. There are days that ideas and words aren’t coming out. Days that she doesn’t feel like writing at all. 

But then,  Life has its own ways for you to realize what you are called to do.